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Small Animal Specialist Hospital S.a.s.h.


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Five years ago to the day, 11 October 2011, I was posting on DOL asking for recommendations for surgery for an odd lump on Stevie's hock. We ended up with Stephen Fearnside at SASH who did an amazing job with a very strange growth in a difficult area.

Today she's in with our local vet having a couple of small lumps taken off and he's also doing a proper biopsy on another big lump that's in the hip joint on the same leg as five years ago. Needle biopsy a few months back indicated standard fatty lump, but it's grown hard and 'different'. So I think - what if it's the same thing? Would it help with the pathology if they knew what it was last time - para-osteal-fibro-lypoma (sp?)?

I rang SASH and within two minutes the receptionist had found our records, updated contact details, checked that all the case notes would be there (because they've changed computer systems in the last few years). Another 15 minutes later and she's called back to confirm she's checked with Stephen and they've been sent through to our current vet already!

That's on top of just how communicative they've been over the years since the Orijen cat food horror, letting me send updates on Rocky since 2008 up until her passing earlier this year.

:thumbsup: to SASH

I know the $ are a hit when you first have to go there, but the long-term follow-up is fantastic.

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Only now in hindsight reading your post, have I realised that they have been paid more of my money, other than my current landlord, than any other person or institution for services/products provided. And I feel good about every experience I've had with them throughout despite the heartache associated the reason for being there and the sting of paying at the time. It's been awhile now but they're bl00dy awesome.

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