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Milk Thistle Dose And Brand


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I was hoping this forum may be able to urgently help me.

My dear old dog (11 1/2) has just been diagnosed with high ALT enzyme levels (725). She is currently on microlone and we are in the process of weaning her off it.

I am about to commence a diet specifically for liver disease and after reading many forums it seems that milk thistle is a great option.

Can anyone assist with brand (preferably organic) and dose (she is 12.8 kg).

Many thanks

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Hi - my boy had liver failure. His ALT was 2259 U/L

The letter from the specialist after our first consult said........Milk thistle; he needs at least 150mg per day.

(I have to be honest and say I ended up buying it from Woolworths).

He was also put on SAMe at ~ 425mg per day, metronidazole and Clavulox

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