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Spay Inconteinence

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I realize bitches can get inconteinence from spaying, but what about boys? My boy's dribbling, especially from lying down to getting up. Fine in every other way, including no signs of pain (and believe me, this boy could win an Oscar, for even a bit of pain), so I was wondering could it come from desexing him?

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My Mac had that, I was at my wits end.

After a month of washing and disinfecting the wee-spots on the flood and washing him underneath I took him to the vet (why I didn't take him sooner I don't know), she said she would try Propalin, it worked fairly well but he still was leaking a little, she then also put him on Stilboestrol...one tablet given on Wednesday and one on Saturday as well as Propalin .25ml morning and night.

The two medications worked really really well; his skirt-hair went back from orange/brown pee-stained to its normal white and he stopped smelling of wee.

He was so much happier.

If I can remember correctly Mac's vet mentioned that a woman of 'breeding age' should be careful of touching the tablets as they contain oestrogen.

I think Westiemum had her Mac on these as well but discontinued as her Mac became a little stroppy with her two other Westies

anyway talk to your vet about these meds.

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