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Thistle the dog

11 Year Old Stabbed Dog 5 Times, Got Attacked And Airlifted

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As title says, 2 situations happened. Pretty much every link has photos of either the injured child or the injured dog.

Articles on the 11 year old being airlifted to hospital with some pretty serious wounds:


Media uproar where it comes out the 11 year old had broken in and attacked the dog


A facebook account (made by the owner or owner's friend? I am unclear) detailing the multiple fences to get to the dog and the multiple stab wounds.



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Heard an interview with Kodi's owner, Vikki. She was so very reasonable despite the trauma her family has endured.

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I'm friends with Kodi's owner, we worked together at the hospital (nursing). I'm so pleased at the amount of support complete strangers are offering, it's very heartwarming :)

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