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Asking those who have used Trazodone on their dog

mums 14 yr old dog has seperation anxiety

she gets crated when mum not home ( and she is use to that )

but seems to be getting worse as getting older and almost deaf and blind in 1 eye ( feeling more insecure ? ) she salvates so much that all front of her chest and tummy area is soaked when mum gets home

vet is very happy with said dog , good weight , slight heart murmur all going well for her age

she did recommend Trazodone

after a bit google search they are like a antidepresant also for anxiety but it seems they can take time to work ,

my main question is if used once a week ( when mum goes shopping ) would they be affective if used once a week as suggested by vet

some thoughts on those who have used the above please

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Has your Mum tries Rescue Remedy with him on these occasions? The alchohol free one for pets, not the human one. smile.gif

Other things try are Adaptil sprays or I have had good reports of Gelsemium from homeopaths (I haven't tried that one yet).

I would actually try these things before trying the medication.

As for your once a week question, according to this link Trazodone is often given just before a known trigger, so that part should be fine.

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Trazodone is a short-acting medication so I think you should know pretty soon whether it's helping, but do ask more questions of the vet if you feel unsure including how long to give it before leaving home.

Malcolm was on it for a bit to see if it helped his Generalised Anxiety Disorder. In his case it made him more anxious, but that is a rare thing to happen. It just meant we slowly decreased then stopped the medication per our vet's instructions.

It may be worthwhile trialing it while your mum is home at first so she can make sure it is working as intended, and see how long it takes to kick in and be at its full effect and when it starts to wear off.

I was speaking to a vet behaviourist recently who said that anxiety disorders can first appear or worsen as the brain ages. So that in itself may be why your mum's dog is becoming more anxious at 14.

It is fantastic that you and your mum are seeking help and that the vet is taking it seriously. Wishing you all the best. :)

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RuralPug - how could I forget Rescue Remedy after reading about it on here so often :hitself: lol

I completely forgot about her trying that , will certainly suggest that also to mum

I did some reading about it here on DOL and google

I did forget to mention the vet said could give her about a hour before she goes out

PK - yes your thread about it I read , that is why I asked of personal experience wit the medication so can let mum know

I did suggest to mum to try it while she was at home to see how her dog reacted to it

mum has her Molly for about 8 years and the first time left alone she almost scratched the doors down , so hence she got the crate for her and was fine in the crate with some treats etc , and yes I tend to agree she is becoming more insecure with her age and less sight and hearing issues

I know my Tara became more distressed when I wasnt around because of her blindness and hearing at her senior age and her dementia

I know my cavvie also has some anxiety when I not around but doesnt salvate like mums dog does

her Vet is very good , just a few uncertainties by mum about giving it to her

Thanks for the replies , always good to hear personal experiences with it

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Just be aware that while things like Adaptil and Rescue Remedy may work by themselves in mild cases, they usually aren't enough on their own for moderate to severe anxiety. In such cases they are like the icing on the cake; you still need to bake the cake as a foundation. Your Cavvie may benefit from Adaptil too incidentally.

Please don't let our experience with Trazodone deter you from giving it a shot. It may be just what Molly needs. Living with anxiety like that is awful.

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I am going to look into the Adapitl one as well , this only happens once maybe twice a week sometimes but it enough for mum to get mum a bit upset

so I would say probally moderate anxiety ? rest of the time she doesnt seem to show these signs even though she runs around mums yard , and then does wander back to mum or stands there looking for mum

PK reading your thread was heartbreaking , and yes I do understand every case is different , would like to try things a bit more first if we can

really appreciate the advice so can pass to mum

Thank you

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I second what PK said. Trazadone starts to take effect after about an hour and for some dogs it's brilliant but Justice is like Malcolm, in that he became more anxious on it. I also second the information about things like rescue remedy and adaption being effective for pretty mild anxiety but relatively ineffective when anxiety levels are higher. I find that Clonidine is effective for separation anxiety but I would be careful about trialling different medications without the guidance of a vet behaviourist.

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