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Leash Recommendations For Running

Anna H

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Hi guys,

Our newest GSP pup is still too young to run with me at this point, but am starting the research of leashes/ harnesses and hands free set ups specifically for running. I run both road and trail (including technical single track) so it will need to be rugged and have some stretch to it to help protect me from direction changes/stops etc.

I've seen an awesome knotted one from Iron Doggy that looks like it would be fantastic, and was thinking of pairing it with a RuffWear Front Harness. I don't want anything that will wreck either of our running form (as that is how injuries happen)

Are there any supplies of Iron Doggy products here? or a local company that sells something very similar?


This is the Iron Doggy Runners grande


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The aussie dog groups I'm on tend to recommend https://www.windchill.com.au/Skijoring.html for joring and canicross type activities

Bit pricey but all made to measure and most people seem chuffed with what they get (weightpullers seem a bit more divided on the harnesses but it comes down to personal preferences).

The Buy Swap Sell Trade Australian Dog Gear facebook group tends to have gear popping in and out if you don't mind secondhand.

Australian Sled Dog Supplies on facebook regularly has joring and canicross gear for sale, similar to yours with the bungee cord and padded bands.

Fido Fitness Australia is a facebook add I get a lot.

Edit: on one of my groups, couple of swedish people talked about the gear on this site for running cross country with your dog: http://www.baggen.se/en/neewa-sport-and-utility-dog-gear/

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I run regularly with my Labrador and I am currently using an Ezydog running leash which I like.


So far has been really good quality and not too expensive and best of all made here in Australia.


The leash has a shock absorber at the end so you don't get a big shock if your dog strays and it also has other accessories to hold bags etc. 


The only criticism would be it can tighten around your waist if your dog pulls hard but this has only happened once or twice!



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Thanks all for the suggestions! 


Duffman - I didn't know that Ezidog stuff was made here, that is a big plus for me. Will go check their running leash out as I like that they use stainless hardwear on many of their products


Benshiva - I've not heard of Tail Runner brand here in the WA, but if the gear is high quality and sturdy I'm interested!


Showdog - Thanks, the canicross gear seems to mostly be a harness set up for the human that a leash clips to, but will chat to the club see what other gear may be around.

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Heres my 2c from someone that owns 8 harnesses (and 2 gsps ;) )

Non stop free motion
It fits the GSP body shape perfectly and does not move sideways (big problem when doing singletrack on a bike)
Costs about $90 but is well worth it
Neck size does run a little bit small so if you are close to the upper limit go the next size up

If you want to do canicross events in the future (warning fun and addictive!)
The sled dog association has some overprotective rules that eliminates certain belts and lines
Short version of the rules is that you cant have metal on the drivers end of the line
Line is also meant to be a minimum 2m but I've never heard of anyone checking or questioning lengths

Honestly theres really not much difference in designs (except for pockets etc)
I've had my windchill belt for a year and theres zero signs of wear
All of the sledding brands have been designed to satisfy racing rules so if you stick to one you will be fine
Non Stop, Zero DC, Howling Dog, Manmat are all sold in aus

Typical canicross line is 2m long
You might find this to be a bit too long for a dog thats not trained yet (some belts can add an additional 20-40cm)
Similar to belts theres even less differences between running lines
The more technical trails you do the shorter you want the line to be (more control)
I'd just order it with your harness or belt to save on postage.

With our young pointer we are using an ezy dog leash with bungee for training (just walking atm but teaching commands and getting used to harness)

Aussie Stores:
Non Stop Australia
WA Mushing Supplies
AUS Sled Dog Supplies

Can find em with a google or facebook seach


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I run roads and trails (including single tracks) with my podengo. The main issue I have had with equipment is that she is tiny (5.2kg), and she has a skinny wee neck and a deepish chest and a teensy waist. Most of the canicross equipment is designed for larger dogs. I ended up getting her a running harness custom made by Indidog. I have been very happy with it so far. It doesn't seem to get in her way at all. She can wear it for an hour long run and there is no hint of chafing. I think it just helps to have something that fits her well. I use a Snooza waist belt and loop it through the only light bungee leash suitable for small dogs that I could find in the pet store. Now that we are starting to do longer runs, I am looking for something a bit more comfortable for both of us. Most waist belts ride up unless they are designed for running. I also carry water for both of us on another waist belt, and some treats (because she is learning good manners on runs) in another little waist pouch. Consolidating would not be a bad idea! She tends to run quite close to me, so sometimes gets tangled in the leash. But she also sometimes falls behind or veers off to go around something or check something out on the trail, so I don't want to use a very short leash, either. She does seem to appreciate the bungee, though. It's very easy to accidentally jerk a little dog around when you're running. The bungee protects her from me just as well as if protects runners from bigger dogs. 

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Thanks kindly Corvus for taking the time to write your reply - it is most helpful and informative 


I'd love to do CaniX at some stage but its not huge here in WA (yet!), and its an incredibly long drive for such a short run. 


Cost of dog equipment is not of huge concern if it is long lasting and of high quality so I will look into that harness for when my little one has reached his full size, and a cheaper one for now (just to use for training and getting used to a harness). 


A 2m lead would be incredibly long - I'm not the tallest person, and as you know GSP's are quite tall; although definitely think a bungee is the way to go

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