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Dogs Vic Membership?

Two Best Dogs!

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Could someone interpret for me.

Agility friends said I could become a dogsvic member so can use KCC facilities without registered friends around and also there's a news letter of when events happen like lure coursing?

I went to dogs vic website to read over conditions but the only form I could find talked about being breeder membership responsibilities. I couldn't find like general membership details?

I sent an email asking how to sign up for general membership and also to check that it's okay as the owner of a spayed mix to join.

They replied with the response below. I am not a member so cannot go to forms they are talking about? It says I need a membership email to sign up?


Hello Name

We acknowledge receipt of your enquiry and will reply forthwith.

Thank you for contacting DOGS Victoria.

To download application forms logon to www.dogsvictoria.org.au / Members Area / Member forms / (Select the required form).

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Kind Regards,



How do I find out if I can even be a member and what the yearly fees and allowances are?

I think there is a companion with newsletter option but cannot find details on what else is included? For $70 I am getting what? Is companion mix ok???

Help ????

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Companion Membership


person aged 18 years or over may apply for VCA membership as Single or Dual Companion


A family comprising one or two persons aged 18 years of age and any number of dependents aged

7 but less than 18 years may apply for Family Companion Memb


Companion Members are subject to the Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Codes of the VCA

Inc, and are limited to the following privileges:

To transfer a VCA registered dog to their name, other than a Main Register dog;

To access the VCA Library;

To access a VCA affiliated club for dog training and activities, subject to that club’s rules;

To receive the VCA Gazette or other VCA publication, upon payment of the appropriate




handle at any VCA activity other than Shows.

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You can get into the members area even if you're not a member and download the membership application form :)


I'm pretty sure anyone can join, regardless of what dog they have, or even if they have a dog at all. I think if you want Thistle to join for sporting comps she can only go onto the associate register but I think then you'd have to be a normal member as Companion membership says you can't trial (or show or breed)

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Oh okay so even though I would like to participate for "fun" I would need trial capabilities? I really like their coursing setup :o

Is an associate register seperate to the dogs vic normal/general membership? Does it say what else you get for membership? I'm on mobile but that site is always confuse me and so do the emails ????

I want to:

- use facilities without being babysat by member friends (incl the bathroom!)

- get the event newsletter of secrecy

- maybe dabble in some events?

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So there are two separate things - one is the human membership and the other is the dog's registration.

For the human membership (yours lol) - Companion membership will get you access to the grounds and the newsletter but you won't be able to enter Thistle (or any dog) in trials, even for fun OR Ordinary membership will give you access to grounds, newsletter and you will be able to enter a registered dog in trials

Dog registration - dogs can be registered on Main, Limited or Associate register. The Associate register is what Thistle would have to go on as she is mixed breed, and I'm pretty sure they have to be desexed to go on it so that won't be a problem. You will only need to register her if you do want to enter her in trials.

So to enter into trials you will have to become an Ordinary member AND register Thistle on the Associate register :)

ETA - do correct me if I'm wrong anyone!

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Okay, think I got it:

So I can get the normal membership for me so can use the facilities and get the events newsletter.

Then after I get the membership I can register thistle on the associate rego if i decide we want to join in on events from the newsletter?

( Why couldn't the email in response to me asking how to register myself and my mixed breed spayed dog say any of this? :laugh: )

This section:

Dogs registered in the ‘Associate’ Register maintained by DOGS Victoria or any member body of the Australian National Kennel Council, shall be eligible to compete in any fixture other than conformation shows (obedience, tracking, endurance or agility trial) at which points cards towards a title are issued.

Is that saying we can or can not do tracking? Cause I was kinda planning that longterm after noseworks...(not that competitions would dictate if we do it or not, but it'd be nice to test ourselves on occasion if she's ready)

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As far as I know, the usual way to start entering trials etc with an Associate Registered dog is via membership of an affiliated club (e.g. obedience club) but I don't see any reason not to strike out on your own.

Your agility friends are very likely to have full membership with their associate dogs and can probably guide you best. :)

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This whole wondering m came out of me complaining that any time I wanted to use kcc facilities for dog dates (those parks others cannot let their dogs in while I am!) I needed a member present and the offhand comment about how I can get my own membership lol

In retrospect I could have just asked them what they meant :o but then what could I complain about? ;)

I might be doing it backwards, but I want facilities and news letter first to find out when things are even happen then joining in other things with dog later (figure visit events without dog to watch and assess then talk to ppl about any clubs as stuff appeal)

Right now the only way I know about stuff is word of mouth or being invited along :s said the newsletter tells me what's up?

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Thistle did you want to go and watch? If that's what you want to do Dogs Vic have a calendar on the website and there is a site that has the dates of the performance trials listed too. If you want to trial and use the Park then full membership will cost you less in the long run if you are thinking of trialling. The newsletter is actually a magazine.

If you want to trial then Thistle needs to be registered as an associate dog (has to be desexed for that) and you need to be a full member. Associates can trial in all, all breed performance sports, so anything other than herding and retrieving.

The reason you need to be with a member or be a member to use the park is because a number of non members have totally ignored the rules. Allowed dogs to attack others (one I believe while it was being trained off leash as they had just released their dog from the car in an on lead area). They of course just pack their dogs up and disappear after these incidents. I can remember at one stage seeing a dog walking person turning up with a van full of dogs and just opening the doors and letting all the dogs loose on the back training fields regardless of who else was there or what they were doing, again another non member.

I'm one of the library staff so I have seen a few of these things and I'm not surprised at all that they are now cracking down on non members keeping in mind the fact it is private property so there is also the issue of insurance and liability.

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Oh I don't mind the rules at all! I love that they're there and enforced :thumbsup: I don't have to worry about strange unapproved unknown dogs joining us in the fenced areas, just buddy dogs or friends-of-buddy dogs who-have-asked-to-join. It was good natured joke complaining, that I needed "people sitters" :laugh: but also sometimes our schedules do not align so well, currently i can only go if they are going yknow?

Nothing better than not being ambushed by other dogs AND the fields are much bigger than kepalas!

I have tried using the website but....the events not calendar always up to date and a real pain to navigate. I got the impression the newsletter was clearer about upcoming events? (and I'm curious about what else might be in there)

Figure if I don't like it I can just...not renew my membership the following year? stick to the one where not an associate, just facility using?

It's that or I join the slip track near us but idk, it doesn't have much going on for it beyond nice big private running area.

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The journal only has the schedules in for those events that are current and obviously in those details start times ,location etc etc although those schedules are also online especially if the clubs do online entries ,the calendar    

Has the year events on it so you can what to attend ,there may be the odd events missing due to not being approved at this point but generally it tells you the club 

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