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37: I've photographed this beach before - it's on our "standard" tourist loop.  Very choppy this weekend just past. 




38: This...  Well... I had a girlfriend who flew down specifically to go to a daffodil farm she'd read about and it was amazing. Approx (I think just over) 2000 varieties of Daff.  I only saw abut 2/3 of the place before I had to call it and take a seat in the shade! Really struggled to get a good shot, but also to pick a photo so the rest are here including the vase shots I took of the small amount I picked.  My girlfriend went home with well over 60 stems :)





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Taken on the Monarto photography Workshop :) 

 I am a little bit proud of this image... shot from my seat on the bus..thru the windscreen, and into the sun .By shooting in 'RAW' ..I was able to retrieve detail and actually have something to post !!
( I am a fairly recent convert to shooting RAW)

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature

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Falling way behind, but not missing anyone elses' shots - so much, so good.

These are my latest two geese, semi rescue, breed uncertain.  The dam should be a clay-brown colour, but a blue-sky sunset has done something to the water.



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Edit to add: Perseph I love your raw hyaena, reminds me I have the book "Innocent Killers" on my sell-list, I'll put it in stuff for sale for their appreciators.

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Ponies at a round bale remind me of office-workers around the tea trolley.




Sheep on the farm over the (dirt) road are not mine (I wish) -  and are very aristasheep Merinos.  I live in terror of our black ram jumping the fences and landing me in debtors prison.


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