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Petition: Stop the selling of animals @ Parklea Markets

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My husband goes to Parklea markets every Saturday morning to buy fruit and veg. I don't the place so don't like to step foot in there unless I need to buy plant/tree stuff for the yard. He buys our parrot seed from that pet shop, I've asked him not to now. 

The whole place is being demolished in a year or so anyway. As with all other land around that area, it's going to be flattened for highrise. The uglification of Sydney's burbs continues. 

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Dissapointing they weren't asked to address the problems instead.


Too hard to promote expectations, easier to get rid of the problems altogether.

No wonder thats what what people expect. Who needs  PETA.

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THE problem was the hot days, the owners took them to the markets instead of keeping them home. considering how few days were actually that hot, they sure paid a 365 days a year penalty.


nothing not even fans was going to prevent the outcry , those days were horrible, I had sprinklers going on my cook shed and my dogs yard.


nothing like that was available at parklea.


Our produce store a few years ago began to have budgies and little parrots and canaries available for sale, bred by people who bought their seed from them. someone called the rspca who began to give him the rounds of the kitchen re cage sizes and constant cleaning, I saw them the cages were clean, all animals go to the loo. anyway he decided he didn't like how rudely he was treated so the owners of the birds were asked to take them elsewhere.


another opportunity to buy direct from the breeder instead of a pet shop gone

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