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Agility Nationals 2018 Accommodation

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If I was going back to Cranbourne / KCC park Vic again...


I'd seriously consider Cranbourne Motor Inn... very dog friendly.  I was there in 2012 - the manager/housekeeper smoked but that was the only seriously bad thing about it.


I was staying at an appalling place called the Mahogany Inn.  No dogs.  All I can hope is they have changed management.  The room was dirty, spiders everywhere and a dead possum outside my window (at the front).  Staff from the restaurant fighting next to the motel rooms.  ugh. 

Some people stayed at the Caravan park at Skye - it had some permanent residents that were a little bit scary but they coped ok.

Or finding some sort of holiday accommodation and staying there.  There were a few bed and breakfasts around but they were expensive.

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