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Lychee and Dog Meat Festival

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Is the Yulin festival real


Also see here 


The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival spans about ten days during which it is estimated that 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed.


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I assume so. I was in Hong Kong and China back in the early 80s and dog meat was a staple. So common you had no idea that you were even eating it. Even in HK people who lived on boats commonly raised dogs for slaughter in the same way some people might raise fowl to fatten up for the table. As for China - my experience was they would eat anything and not only that they would eat every part of everything. I also remember some of the things my Asian partner's father told me about delicacies he had eaten over the years. I wont horrify you with details. So much of China is still not westernised (or affected by western norms) so why wouldn't this still be a cultural thing?

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The OP was a while ago but....


Yes it is real.

There are no words for how disgusting/heart-breaking/upsetting it is. 

It happens every June I believe, and despite years of campaigns/petitions etc against it, it still goes on.

And it's going to happen again fairly soon unless the Chinese government finally gets the hint and makes it illegal (unless it already is, I can't remember if it's an underground market ?) and the select few Chinese people who still eat dog meat get the message that it is not ok. 

Especially because the dogs eaten at the festival are either raised in cages in disgusting conditions, or are lost & stolen pets. They are tortured in front of one another to "raise their adrenaline" because apparently it "makes the meat taste nicer".

(which goes against any other science and what is the case for any other meat... gross, but if the animal is tense and full of adrenaline when it is slaughtered, the meat will be much tougher) 

If you're brave enough, do more research... I've seen some horrific things online that I really wish I hadn't.

There's a man on Instagram who posts pics and stories. He goes around undercover to dog meat farms and tries his hardest to save some animals if not somehow shut down the farm. It is interesting (?) and compelling/motivating (all the wrong words... but I don't know how to say what I'm meaning) in the sense that it makes you need to act now to stop it, but at the same time it is nightmarish.

The man is absolutely not in a healthy way mentally, he is very very depressed and has trouble sleeping etc after what he has seen, but he has incredible motivation and has essentially metaphorically killed himself, ruined his mental health, and sacrificed his relationships with family/friends and has dedicated his entire life to trying to stop this absolutely cruel practice.

The poor man is literally torturing himself. :cry:

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