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Molly 2002 - 2017

Tara and Sam

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Molly  2002  -  2017
You came into my life in July 2006 , it was  instant love between us
How I miss not sharing our bed , or you  dragging the towel down onto the floor so you could lay on it while I had a shower  , our mornings of sharing toast and vegemite , how you tap danced when I gave you your   meals , the  walks down to the letter box , how you loved  skinking in the garden , and our walks " around the world " around the  house , you loved our visits to Kangaroo Island  sitting on the ferry  wind blowing in your hair , you loved the walks to the  local gardens , and going down to daughters  and her  fury friends

As you got older you loved it when you waited and  watched tv while I cooked dinner and then we shared it ,  you never damaged anything ,  you never complained , you were always there  with such unconditional love
I knew this day would come but it was to soon

Missing you with all my heart , miss  hearing you and feeling you  next to me , you were my beautiful  baby girl
from your devastated mum  and Tara Sam and family

R.I.P Molly
passed  away 17th April 2017   14 1/2 years old
Run free with your niece  Tynka

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I am so sorry for the loss of your stunning Molly, that video brought tears to my eyes.

Precious Molly fly with the angels to the :rainbowbridge:you have left the most amazing memories for your Mum to cherish.

:kissbetter: too Molly's Mum and family.

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