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Boarding kennel recommendations including Sydney to Hunter Valley

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Hi everyone :)

Haven't posted in a while

Wondering if we could have any recent experiences shared about boarding facilities in Sydney and beyond up to the Hunter Valley.

After losing our much loved old Cav last year we have a new family member who is a rescue dog - he is about 2 years old, 23 kgs and has a lovely kind heart. I going to post some pics in another thread to see if we can pin down his breed(s) LOL, but we think he may be a cross pointer/cattle dog.


Thank you in advance & really appreciate any feedback

cheers Jo-Ann & Mylo

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I haven't used any kennels sorry so I can't help with that.

But we're in the Hunter area so potentially might know someone who could petsit. How long for? 

Do you need a boarding kennel or could he stay with someone? You could check out one of the pet sitting websites (Like MadPaws, I haven't used that before but looks ok) :) 

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I have been boarding my two at Akuna pet resort (https://akunapetresorts.com.au/ ) for six years. Very happy with them. They have a policy of not letting strange dogs interact with each other. So I feel better leaving my dogs there. Plus my dogs seem very eager to go there and look relaxed when we pick them up. They get their own room with air conditioning, a single bed, their own yard.

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I never ended up using them but Akuna Pet Resort was recommended to me by some veterinary behaviourists, behavioural trainers and owners of dogs with anxiety disorders. Those of us with anxious dogs have some exacting standards, lol. However, it has since changed owners and it's possible that they have changed their procedures and how they interact with dogs. So as always you'd want to judge for yourself.


I've seen some good reviews of Calabash here but their setup makes me think they would only be suitable for social dogs. It is very free range.

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