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Large Breed Dog Urns


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Hey all. Some might remember me, I can't seem to log into my old account but I own 2 Bullmastiffs Frank and Dora.


for the last 2 months my 6 year old brindle boy Frank has been having heart issues. Unfortunately I came home from work yesterday and my boy had passed in his sleep.


He is currently with Angel Ashes awaiting private cremation.


My question is does anyone know where I can get a large breed dog urn?

Everything seems to be <40kg and Frank was 65-70kg.


I miss my boy. Dora misses her buddy. Life just doesnt feel the same without my tank.


I'm after a heart on a stand, or a bullmastiff shaped memorial box.


Does anyone know where I can get anything for a Bullmastiff sized ashes?


Thank you.



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IMG_20170523_171637_896.thumb.jpg.311e798d9ea5a754382aac61bd49f052.jpgThis was Franks last day with us. He got pampered. I wish I knew he wouldn't be with me the next day I would have let him sleep on the bed with me. 


I'd love to find something like this!

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 Without sounding heartless you won't need a big urn ,I have big dogs and they don't return in a large size.

The people we use have tasteful options ,they provide a temporary option or more permanent.


You may find it easier to buy a nice box and buy a Bullmastiff statue to place on top although the pic you posted that item can be brought from amazon 

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Not heartless at all, it's truth. :)

All the urns I looked at said "20kg dog" etc etc.. I'll just wait till I get him back to see how much.... there is.


Otherwise I like your idea of a nice box with a bullmastiff statue. At least that way I can make it custom to him :)

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Im so sorry for your loss. 


No suggestions but, that heart urn is lovely.


As a side note, my mum has her favorite horses ashes in one of those "nice" boxes you used to buy for bulk lots of photos, if you know the kind I mean. No larger than a ladys shoe box.

No idea how much of that he takes up,  but the box is not all that much larger than the urns I have for my fox terriers (not when you compare a foxie to a 17 hand stallion anyhow). 

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I'm so sorry for your loss. 


I'm not sure, as my dogs were all small, but these guys have some beautiful urns. I've purchased 4 from them over the also few years and I have loved every single one. Not cheap but fantastic quality and they look beautiful in my home. 


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