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Alaskan Malamute

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Doing alot of research on various breeds, ive noticed a few conflicting breed standards.  The main one has to do with the alaskan malamute breed standard.  Its max desired size is at 38.5 kgs and is considered a large breed however a rottweiler is considered a medium to large breed yet has an upper limit of 60 kgs.  A doberman a medium sized breed and sits up to 45 kgs. A tibetin mastiff also considered a large breed up to 72 kgs.  Does anyone know the reason for a large breed standard to be weighing less then a medium breed standard?  As to why a large breed of dog would have such a low ideal weight for a specific size genre of dog.  I guess what im trying to say is do you think the ideal alaskan malamute weight should be higher if it was the remain in the large category or should it be classified as a medium sized dog?

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