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Neutered male ear tattoo


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2 hours ago, Scrappi&Monty said:


Holy crap, yeah they shouldn't do that without anaesthesia!! :eek::vomit: 

It seems like an obvious thing but then, plenty of people think it's perfectly acceptable to cut the tails and thumbs off unanaesthetised young puppies too so.. :shrug: It's sort of like the argument that was (and I guess still is) often trotted out in support of circumcision in baby boys: That at that age, they can't feel pain but even if they did, they won't remember it anyway. Which is basically saying that it's fine to inflict pain and likely significant distress, as long as you assume they'll forget about it later. 

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When I would have my foster pups desexed, I'd request that they NOT be tattooed, as the vet students would sometimes be a bit heavy handed and one too many haematomas made me leery of having them done.


When I was a teen, I worked on a friend's goat stud, and we used to tattoo the goats' ears as opposed to putting in those plastic tags - the goats were show animals, so I'm guessing that the plastic tags would detract from the proper set of the ears when being judged?



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