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ESS puppy pulling on lead - help

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If we're sharing videos... :D You can kinda see how hunds differ from a primitive flushing hound, but most of the video I have of Kestrel is on the trail because you can't see her otherwise. She doesn't go far, but she has a lot of stuff to do. She is like my friend's tekel (working mini dachshund). Gets down to business bouncing around to see what they can find. We find she doesn't follow through particularly. If she flushes a bird and it flies over her head, she runs after it, but seems more interested in running back to where it came from to see if she can flush more. 


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Beautiful to watch, Corvus. She seems to use both sight and scent, although at one point about half way through she was obviously following a scent trail.

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20 hours ago, DogsAndTheMob said:

She certainly has brilliant instincts, in that case. She was so methodical.


Honey has a tendency to range more widely, which may be genetic. She's mostly American bloodlines, and American brittanies are reportedly wider ranging because they've been bred to work with hunters on horseback.

Remembering that the Brittany isn't a Spaniel, but as a pointing breed it's totally ok for them to range further. But a Spaniel you need them to work within shooting range. 


Yes the genetic instinct is amazing. They are just so methodical and determined. 

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