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Dog Breed Identification

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First time poster.

I was watching a repeat of an episode of Better Homes and Garden and there was a segment on a particular dog. They identified the dog breed as a Spoodle but it doesn't look like any pictures of Spoodles that are returned in a google search.

I am interested in finding out what type of breed/cross breed it might be.


Link to online segment

Any help would be much appreciated


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Not much spaniel in there!, but since the "spoodle" is not a breed as such therefore does not breed true to type, it would be impossible to say definitely that this is not a spaniel/poodle cross of some sort

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The description of the episode under the video does not match the video itself. They have labelled it wrong. No idea what the dog is, closest purebreds I can think of are the Manchester Terrier or German Pinscher, but I don't think it is either. 

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It's mislabeled, because it says something about "Ruby the spoodle who hides from strangers" in the synopsis. 

But on the topic of "spoodles", they aren't a breed, they're a cross between some kind of poodle and some kind of spaniel.

For starters, if you have a litter of crossbreed puppies, they are usually quite different to each other. 

Also, poodles come in several sizes (toy, miniature, standard), and there are many kinds of spaniels (e.g. Cocker (American and English), King Charles, Cavalier King Charles, Springers (working & show), welsh springers, field spaniels, etc) so a "Spoodle" could mean a myriad of things.

Typically puppy farmers/ back yard breeders cross Cocker spaniels or cavvies with toy or mini poodles. Sometimes springer spaniels. 


So due to this, one "spoodle" could look very different to the next. (But still, that dog couldn't be a spaniel x poodle at all.)

He looks like a bit of a Mystery Mutt! :) I'd guess maybe some dachshund, some terrier. 

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Crosses, even F1 crosses, can be extremely varied in appearance. It's why visual breed idenitification of mixed breed dogs is typically little more than chance, even when we're talking about dog professionals. 

Halfway down this blog you'll see some great pictures from a 1965 study by Scott & Fuller of the huge variation in appearance of mixed breed dogs and their subsequent progeny. It's a great example of the folly of visual breed identification! 


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That dog shows no characteristics of either spaniel or poodle.  My best guess might be kelpie x whippet  x  -  or greyhound x.  Neither parent had much acquaintance of purebreds  Another case of buyers being ripped off because there is no paperwork to "prove" the parents so dishonest people use any old dog they like and charge heaps for the pups. Just crooks.


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