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Potential Owner Seeking a Breeder

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I'm Shane, and I'm looking for a breeder:)


I'm 50 years old, semi retired, I own my home on 1/4 acre, and my dogs have the run of the house. They'll be fed a combination of quality dry food, some barf patties and other raw food - mainly lamb neck and chicken frames.


I'm looking for a couple of pups for;


Obedience training and trials. - Perhaps herding or retrieving trials, but no agility work.

Companions - shade mates in summer,hairy hot water bottles in winter:)


I'll provide the pups with;


A very stable home environment.

Morning walks, and afternoons at the dog park.

The best possible socialisation

Baths when required

Hugs, lots and lots of hugs,



The breeder I'm looking for?


A person who adores their dogs and breeds for temperament and physical health.

A breeder who's happy for me to visit them and meet the parents

A breeder who want's to know if I'm  good enough to own a couple of their pups.


 I should mention that I'm looking pups who'll grow up to be between Sheltie and GSD size, any smaller and I'll be scared of tripping over and hurting them, any larger and my bed won't be big enough for all of us :)


If you think I'm someone who's worthy of bringing a couple of your pups into my life, please send me a PM.


Yours with hope






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Generally most breeders would be hesitant to have two puppies raised together, you'd probably be better off having a bit of a gap and focus on one at a time. As well as contacting through DOL, going along to dog shows to get an idea of what breed you might like, and talk to breeders could be well worthwhile. 


Have you considered the Brittany as a breed option? They are versatile, active and very affectionate; could be a great fit. What sort of temperament are you after?


Wishing you the best for your search!

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Aussie Shepherds might suit you. Unless you have two active handlers both willing to work daily with the pups I honestly wouldn't take on two at once if you are looking at obedience trialling. Much better to train one up to reliable standards, say 8 or 9 months minimum and then look to add a puppy. They will be the best of mates in the long run!


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