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Any tips on how to stop new dog barking

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Personally I think your expecting to much to soon and if you don’t address the issue correctly you will have no results and a bigger pain to deal with.

Seeking proper help who can visually watch how she deals with a male figure will assist you quicker .

Just because there was a husband in the previous does not mean the dogs experience around men has been good and learning to build a lasting trust not just a quick bribe is a must 

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It sounds like you are already making progress, albeit slow. :)

I'm not sure at all that she thinks of the office as the dungeons of hell and therefore your husband as a demon, really that is pretty unlikely! Maybe she was one day scared by a plumber?? Who knows? We are unlikely to ever know what has triggered her fear.

You can take her on leash into the office, but I don't think it will result in any sudden epiphanies, nor do I think that it will cause any harm provided that you yourself are relaxed and laid back, ditto hubby. But if you try that hoping for a major change, you will probably be subconsciously anxious - in that case it may easily be counterproductive.

Patience, patience, patience. Patience and demonstrating that OH really cares about dogs and is no threat is I think, your best tactic. Food givers are carers, in most dogs' eyes. :laugh:

If the time-out scenario is helping YOU relax, then continue with that as well. If you tense up when you notice her getting ready to bark her "Stay away from me!" threats at him and if she is picking up on that body language, it might be reinforcing her, just a thought.

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An update (it's been about a month since I first posted)

She hadn't calmed down much and her barking was driving me nuts but there must have been a good fairy controlling things as I had gone to a garage sale and bought a citronella bark collar ages ago, given it to a friend who hadn't used it so got it back to try.

If I put it on the normal way it would pssst the spray under her chin, which would be ok I suppose but I put it on upside down so it would not be so traumatic...well it worked a doozy!   She was startled the first few times but the amazing thing seems to be that she has realised doesn't HAVE to bark.

I only put it on for a few hours each day for three days and we have gone a week now with the bark collar only worn once in that time.

She is heaps calmer though still walks round and round the lounge-room/dining room while we are having tea so I pop a lead on her and hook the end to the leg of her dog-bed so she has to lie on it.

OH's treat-throwing seems to be doing the job also, treat of choice seems to be medallions of carrot that have been cooked in chicken gravy (though I wish he'd put them outside on the veranda rather than the lounge-room floor wipe up the mess yourself you bugger) and cheese of course.

There is still a way to go as she won't take the treats out of his hand or go to him yet but she is becoming calmer and even walks past the door underneath the house on her own so the 'tiny steps' seem to be working.

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