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We Welcomed a new Dog to our home on Saturday


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Nearly a month ago my brothers Maremma lassie Honey Girl lost her short hard battle with aggressive osteoscarcoma..a mere 3 weeks from Dx ... broke our hearts. Thought Benjamin Bumblebee the Weasel Dog would cope..but  instead he just became increasingly subdued. 


so after a lot of searching and one long long drive  which was unsuccessful................ Lola  came onto the radar.


Last Saturday Steve and I were delighted to welcome Lola.. a curly coated ( possibly cross Lab) into our home. She looks a bit like a black lab with a perm :).

Lovely Lola is 10 years young and  has so easily worked her way into our hearts and our pack. Benney was a little bit snarky, so for the past few days the dog crew have had hankies knotted on their collars  which get a few sprays of Adaptil  every couple of hours.  ....



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On 10/12/2017 at 1:43 PM, persephone said:

I remember a photo of your Brother & his gorgeous dog ... I hope Lola can help improve his days  with her quirky habits & cuddly looks :) <3

oh yes The  Lady Lola is being very successful at that.  Benny and Lady Lola sit on either side of Steve's chair getting their pats.  Honey Girl used to do that as well but she sat on the side Benny has taken ownership of.  Lady Lola has also discovered how comfortable a chair can be for naps!!!!   I  find my hands  constantly  touching her fur.. it is so soft but being wavy feels very  different to maremma fur.  

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