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Crumpet - 17/6/08 - 24/12/17 My Beautiful Little Girl


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I thought we would have at least a little more time my darling girl but it just wasn't to be.  Sitting here second guessing my decision to say goodbye but you deserved better than that.  After all the things you went through in your whole life this just doesn't seem fair. 

What a beautiful adventure it was to share with you, just not long enough but then it would never be long enough.

You filled the house with so much personality and attitude from the day I picked you up and I would do anything to have you here with me still, making me laugh everyday. 

I've lost my shadow and it just hurts to breathe knowing I can't hold you and touch you anymore.  You'll never be there hanging your floppy jowls over my face in the morning, hogging the bed and snuggling under the covers in Winter and it will be too quiet without your burping, farting and snoring. There won't be anymore of your showing off your tricks to beg for more food or running through the house and yard like a loon.  No more walking with you in the park or at the beach and no more of your wiggling bum when I come in the door. There will just be no more you and me.

Nothing will ever be the same my beautiful girl - you made everyone who met you smile and laugh and I love you so so much.

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1 whole year my precious girl. A whole year without you bringing smiles to the faces of all who knew you and loved you. There are so many people at the park who still remember and talk about you and I can now think of all the great things we shared with a smile or a laugh but the nights without you beside me are still so sad. Please be over that Bridge with Hoover and Doze and Raven and Bundy and please behave. No one likes a pushy stubborn girl who plays too rough and likes to lay on top of others and pin them down just because she can. Remember - you're not the boss - you have to share and you have to show your kind gentle side to all the others who are there with you. 

I miss you, everything about you, and the house is so much different without both you and Hoover in it. Please watch over me and Shab, especially Shab, she's not doing well and she needs some of your Bulldog strength and determination. You will always be in my heart my beautiful girl but I wish you could still be by my side.



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