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Qui just one of three bergamasco dogs in SA

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Yay for Miss Squish in this 'Advertiser' link below

She was Master Canine Rescuer of the Year in 2013  https://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/249601-congrats-6th-annual-m-d-b-a-award-winners/)

This is the story  http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/qui-just-one-of-three-bergamasco-dogs-in-sa/news-story/9a710765ea1f000db7963327e8990f06



Qui just one of three bergamasco dogs in SA

Mitch Mott, The Advertiser
December 26, 2017 9:30pm

IN years gone, the Bergamasco Shepherd was a sheep herding dog, growing Rasta-like dreadlocks to protect it from the icy conditions of the Italian Alps.

Now after an exhaustive process, South Australia will become home to future generations of this rare and ancient breed.

Qui shakes it off. Picture: Simon Cross

Bergamasco breeder Heather Robey is expecting a litter of puppies at her Woodcroft property halfway through 2018.

“There are only three bergamascos in South Australia,” Ms Robey said.

“We recently imported one from Italy which was a pretty long process. It took 12 months to get Esta from the time she was born through quarantine before she got here.

“It turned out to be three or four flights which is a lot for a young dog.”

20f3067fa977d84911b4f5050b09ea72?width=650   It’s hoped Qui will be part of breeding more bergamascos in SA. Picture: Simon Cross

Esta will be used to kickstart breeding in South Australia, adding extra genetic diversity to a breed which numbers only in the thousands across the world.

Qui, a three-year-old bergamasco was bought from New South Wales where there are other breeders.

Bergamascos are a friendly breed which develop strong bonds with people, like they did with shepherds.



Fluffy Dog Shows Off Amazing Mane. Credit - Betsy Kincanon via Storyful


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