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Evening incontinence due to water consumption


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this is a long shot and I'll be speaking to the vet today but thought I'd throw it out there for research.

i have NO problem cleaning up after my boy and will do ANYTHING for him-my question is more for his own health.

My boy is a 3yr old mastiff recently diagnosed with MMM (autoimmune disease attacking muscles in his face) and he's having seizures. As a result he is on high doses of twice daily prednisone, as well as bromide and phenobartitone.


His main symptom now is a HUGE consumption of water (10litres +). During the day he goes outside to wee regularly which I'm encouraging due to his belly looking bloated and him being lazy. As soon as he goes to the toilet he drinks another litre or more.


At night he drinks before bed and through the night. Despite me taking him out 3-4 times whilst he's snoring he has urine trickling out of him, he's so full!


so towels everywhere  and morning cleaning carpets is not an issue - I'm getting adult diapers today since I can't find dog ones large enough (he has no tail!).....BUT has anyone put an additive into their water to better hydrate them so they don't feel like they have to drink so much water constantly?


i have seen greyhound electrolyte type things and will consult my vet his morning but I love to hear from people who have tried and won!

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Poor boy.  Lucky he has a devoted human.  


My dog, Bunter (a fraction of the size of your boy) went on Prednisolone recently and I was giving this to him in the middle of the day as he was having other meds in the morning.    One morning, I went to pick him up to carry him downstairs only to find he was lying in a puddle of urine.  When I talked to the vet he said to give him the Pred first thing in the morning and we have not had another episode.  


I note your boy is on it twice a day, but maybe changing the time of this med might help a bit.   


Good luck with the adult diapers - there are also belly bands you could try.  


Drinking excess water can become a habit, so I will be interested to hear what your vet has to say.   



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I had the same issue recently whilst one of my girls was on pred. It wasn't a fun experience. She would walk and drip wee, add a tail wag in and you would have a wee sprinkler! I just tried to go back to puppy habits of taking her out a lot to wee. It was only for about a month but still wasn't fun. 

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I've had a giant breed on long term Pred but never saw water consumption that great. I'd be reviewing with the vet ASAP as too much water can dilute bodily fluids and affect sodium levels - and this is a health risk. You'd want electrolytes in the water. 


Don't know the dog's weight or Pred dose but average water need is 20-70ml/kg a day. 



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