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Hello I've just signed up. My family have been fortunate to adopt a beautiful pedigree chocolate Labrador named Southfork Lewis. I've never owned a pedigree pooch and keen for tips and information. We are his third home and he is 17months old and regal fun loving and truly heart warming. He has had a tulmultuous start with two previous owners unable to give him the time and love he deserves. In February he will start weekly sessions with Keilor Obedience school. He is showing great potential and already displaying positive behaviours. He has been with us for 6 days and is so much a part of our home and family. 

I haven't amen him to meet our vet yet due to Christmas. In the meantime I'm feeding him steamed chicken and vegetables. Is this ok?

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Welcome.  Sounds like he is a 3rd time lucky boy.  I love that you're making plans to take him to dog club, and to meet the vet.


On the food front, steamed chicken and vegetables is really not a complete food for a dog.   (Just as a heads up, steamed chicken and white rice is the recommendation for bland foord for upset tummies.)  You'll get a variety of recommendations here .. and in fact I have one Border Collie who is kibble fed, and one primarily raw fed.    (Puppy was raw fed when she arrived, so I've kept it going.)    One of the main things you'll probably need to watch is the quantity of food .. nothing like most Labs for conning you into feeding more .. and don't rgo by the recommendations on packets .. they're usually way too high, especially with nutrient dense food.  TO give you some idea, my 9 year old agility boy has Black Hawk Grain Free  (suits some dogs, not others, but he does well on it) and my pup has Big Dog frozen Barf patties - very convenient, as it's all pre-,oxed and nutritionally balanced.  I do add veggies quite often .. and they do get a variety of training treats.


If you want a bit more information on feeding, you might post in the Health and Grooming forum.

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I second what Tassie said! 

Glad he’s finally found his forever home after all that moving! :)


Chicken meat & veg is not a balanced/complete diet to be feeding a dog though. 

There are many threads on here about nutrition, so have a search around to decide on a more adequate diet. :) 

These links are handy:


this ^ is super super handy regarding kibble choosing!! 



This ^ is all about raw feeding. 



This RSPCA link is pretty non-offensive, that diet would be pretty healthy, not exactly what everyone would feed but seems pretty good. :) 




Do some research into raw feeding too, it works wonders. You can DIY raw or buy premade frozen stuff like Big Dog patties or both. 

Mine are fed dry kibble for breakfast (usually Black Hawk, which some people don’t like, it’s on the cheaper end of the more natural/premium foods but works perfectly for us.) 

And then raw for dinner. :) 

Scrappi used to be just fed supermarket dog food, but we realised this was not doing him any favours. He had skin allergies and a dry coat, so  switching to this diet helped him into a trim, healthy, shiny and soft boy. Especially since we were giving him coconut oil as a supplement & the Black Hawk kibble has emu oil and other oils.


Best of luck! 

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