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A video point of view worth sharing . Dogs are DOGS .


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Oh gawd i had to stop half way through; what a moaning, groaning old fart! :rofl: I call my dogs my furkids...we have a bunch of toys for them, take them out to cafes and restaurants and shockingly we have boundaries in the home. I'm surprised anyone engages his services with his attitude. 

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Guest crazydoglady99

Holy moly.. 




I only watched a few minutes.. because I have to hurry & get to the dog pound and adopt all the dogs before owning domestic dogs is banned by PETA :walkdog:


Poor grumpy old man, he needs a holiday.

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1 hour ago, Simply Grand said:

I've heard the comment quite a lot that dog attacks are becoming more frequent because of an increase in "positive, force free" training and a reluctance to "discipline" (meaning use positive punishment). I wonder if there is evidence supporting that claim. 

Well they are certainly more frequent and the damage done is far worse over the past decade 

Now a study of breeds involved and the aggression level of the attacking canines would be interesting 

If the push is successful to have animals animals recognised as sentient beings is passed

Will such dogs be facing murder or attempted murder charges? 

Isn't a sentient being also supposed to know right from wrong? 

Never met a dog that killed seem to show remorse, my friends lab was wagging his tail when she woke up to find he was standing over the body of her son's 18 months old kelpie, in fact her lab was puzzled he wouldn't wake up

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There is plenty of research looking at breeds involved in attacks but that doesn't really tell us anything, unless ALL dogs of that breed attack and NO dogs of another breed do. Obviously there is much more involved in dog attacks than the breed.


Also, are there genuinely more attacks and are they more severe than in the past, or are they just more reported? I don't know, and it's pretty impossible to research unless accurate stats are available from the past.


Assuming there actually are more attacks though, just knowing that still doesn't give us accurate information about WHY there are. And regardless of whether there are more attacks or not, we have to deal with what we have now, so proper research into why the attacks happen would be so useful

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