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?asbestos-contaminated waste at Pet Resort Dural

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Ray Hadley has revealed 2,000 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated waste has been found at a pet hotel in Sydney’s north-west.

The NSW EPA has confirmed Pet Resort Dural’s owners, David and Maria Levy, will be issued with a clean-up notice after the material was discovered at their business.

(NSW EPA statement)

“We can confirm that the EPA attended the Pet Resorts Dural site last week. Inspectors found waste at the site and are currently investigating the matter. A draft clean up notice is being issued today.”

The couple are also facing a $6-million bill to remove huge amounts of asbestos-laden waste illegally dumped on their other property on Geelans Rd at Arcadia.

In total more than 40,000 tonnes of contaminated material will need to be cleared from the Levy’s properties.

David and Maria Levy have been contacted for comment.

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I wonder what they were paid to have the stuff dumped there?  it is big business getting rid of waste.  4Corners did a program on this last year and companies buy properties specifically for illegal dumping.  

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