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Sarah's gone...


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Its with an unbelievably heavy heart that I let my DOL friends know my beloved Sarah, returned to God's care on Monday 19 March 2018. She was 16 years, 8 months and 13 days.  Her birthday was 6 July 2001 and she arrived in my life on Thursday 23 November 2006, as a 5 year old and I adored her for over 11 years. She was the most beautiful natured westie ever, with her wonderful temperament, happy smile and her helicopter tail... and Andy and I miss her terribly. RIP my lovely girl.  Again with Mac. Love you always.  Will post in Rainbow Bridge when I'm able but this is all I can do for now. :cry:


Sarah.thumb.jpg.e53f5739fae12ab90cf7d4f7452d24d1.jpg       5ab3afd035a44_Sarahonthelounge2017.thumb.jpg.9695d10f867698d14b9fe72c47f3c804.jpg





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O No WM!

I am so sorry, 

it seems so sudden though I see that she was getting on in years

There's freakin' dust in my eyes now.

Goodbye darling Sarah, there will be your special Bestie to greet you over the bridge


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