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Doggie sunscreen recommendations

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Hi all :) I am looking for recommendations for doggie sunscreen as we have a 18week old white boxer boy. We are currently using filtabac but finding it very thick and hard to spread- also wondering if it should be used long term considering it has other properties in it rather than just a sunscreen? By next summer we will have built a run down the shady side of the house for him but until then the time he spends in the sun I want to be sure I’m using the right product :)

thank you!

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The vets all seem to be pushing a sunscreen that contains an antibiotic but I personally don't like to apply antibiotics where there is no existing infection as you are just building immunity for the germ, in my opinion.

I use and recommend Doggy Sunstick by Petkin whenever I have a foster in that needs sun protection. Easy to apply and lasts well.


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Dr Zoo have a good pet sunscreen, really happy with it. It doesn't have an SPF though.  Often if I'm putting my own moisturiser sunscreen on I'll put a swipe on my BC boys nose too. 


Filtabac contains an antibacterial in it that burnt the skin on my BC's nose. I presumed his red irritated skin was from sunburn and I put even more on him. :( They have a straight sunscreen version in the UK I think, but only have the antibacterial combination version here. No idea why they don't bring the other one out too. 

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