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Hock Arthrodesis (fusion)


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Hi there, has anyone had experience with their dog having a hock fusion due to severe osteoarthritis?

My boy (Belgian shepherd) is 7 years old and after excluding lower back issues we finally found that his hock joint is wrecked.

For the moment we are taking conservative measure only - hock brace, cartrophen injections, NSAIDS and various dietary supplements but we are considering the arthrodesis some time in the future.

He also had a stem cell injection however it has not made any difference.

TIA :)

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My 10 year old Labrador had.her right hock fused when she was about 9 months old. She had OCD and it was the best way to give her a pain free life. I think she had 8 weeks in a cast after the surgery but the recovery was pretty good. Having her hock fused gave her an excellent quality of life and she has been able to run, jump, play, swim and retrieve like any other dog.

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