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Which kibble do you feed?

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Frontier Pets  is a very good food,  BUT,  Pandi is under 3 kg ,  she eats  little meals ,  if i had a larger dog i would only feed  the  Stay Loyal  &  table scraps.  

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On 7/6/2018 at 8:48 PM, sandgrubber said:

I'm a food skeptic.  Can't see the need to buy anything fancy.  So much hype out there.  I feed Coprice working dog at $55 to $60 for a 20 kg bag. My dogs love it (they're Labbies and there's not much they don't love).  Their coats are lovely.  Their poos are firm.  They have no allergies.  My old Girl will be 14 in August, and she's still pretty healthy.

I had the same attitude before we discovered food allergy. I guess some dogs are more sensitive and some not, as long as it's all fine with your pup, that's probably the right way of thinking.

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