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Breeder Take Backs

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as a breeder I would never promise someone a particular pup at such a young age. But then I don’t take deposits either. They are all mine until I figure out what is best for each baby. So I have trouble seeing it through their eyes. But I am sure that there will be others that suit you as well as he would have. 

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Perhaps the breeder hasn't behaved in a professional manner - if they have taken a deposit and left you with the idea that a particular pup was yours....  however the reality is that until you have the pup and money paid... there is always a chance of things changing... 

Online forums - it is important to remember that there are two sides to every story.... the breeder might have a different angle on this.... after all most breeders won't allocate a pup based on photos only - really most reputable breeders would want to meet you first before allocating a pup or at least have recommendations from people they know.

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