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Dreadful Diagnosis gone Wrong

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I desperately need advice ,wisdom,a reason to help me to understand this . Im from Ontario Canada,  December of last year ,My bff. Best furry friend SWEET SALLY ,was diagnosed  " RIDDLED WITH CANCER, AND IN  SEVERE ORGAN FAILURE. My local vet whom has been our longtime family vet.

The reason i took my highland terrier to see our Doc was for a nasty tic . They treated her for Lime disease, they announced we needed to have bloodwork,

xrays , plus plus plus .Equaling 1400 $. Then they announce she has a swollen uterus .

Sally was in real bad ahape hen she came into my world as a rescue dog .Horribly neglected ,abused,ignored.

Ok back to topic .they gave her days to live .

Here it is almost 9 months later shes  fine .No symptons ,shes eating poopling drinking playing loving and being loved.

I understand cancer going into remission but ORGAN FAILURE Come on .

And almost overnight ..Omgoodness

Please my fine flavoured friends of sally and mine,Help us to understand how such a deadly diagnoses of my friend, can be so very very wrong. I cant afford another trip to the doc. LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU ALL GOD BLESS

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The only person who can give you answers as to how they 'got it wrong' would be the vets unfortunately as all we would be doing is guess or share horror stories which will distress you more. Just give them a call and speak to someone for a chat.

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What an awful shock for you ... I can in no way help, except to advise you write everything down ..add any videos/photos/vet reports you have , notes on the surgery which was done /drugs given /how she was nursed at home by you ..and names of the vets and other staff .and contact the practice manager in a way which is asking - not accusing ... ...you still have your beautiful Sally  <3  

Whatever the diagnosis .. she is with you and you love her very much  :)

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