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My ‘Not so sweet’ little Violet

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Hi everybody 

it’s been quite some time before returning to Dol. Lord I remember wasting away the days and late mornings on DOL, before facebook took lives over :rofl: 


anyhow fast-forward to now 


I’m currently owned and under the thumb of a sassy 6 year old Chihuahua. Yes, a chihuahua rules this roost. She was an addition to the family, a smaller addition to keep Sargent on his toes and a little shadow friend for him. Sadly it’s been a looong 2years without my smoochy loving handsome Pei son.

RIP SARGEY 11/7/16


And so now MISS Violet is an only child, a mischievous cheeky bratty barky little black n tan turd, full of attitude or spunk whichever you like.  


(Sorry, delayed images. Figuring out photos) 





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My mum dropped me on my face as a child :o


so sometimes I look like this :laugh:




but if im feeling pretty I put my best face on 








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