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Alopecia - Pomeranian

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I have a little Pomeranian, 2.6 kgs, who has been diagnosed with Alopecia. Her hair is falling out rapidly and her skin has turned black. The vet tried giving her melatonin to treat it however it didn't work. We are now seeing a new specialist dermatologist vet who has recommended micro-needling. She believes this will stimulate hair growth.


  • Has anyone had any experience with micro-needling? It doesn't seem to be a common option when treating dogs for Alopecia as a general anesthetic is required
  • Has anyone had any luck with other treatments for Alopecia? 


We really want to fix her but I don't want to use any treatment that causes pain as it is only a cosmetic condition. 


Thankyou in advance for any help! :) 

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Hi there. 

I have a bit of experience with grooming dogs who have become bald to varying degrees with Alopecia X. Several Pomeranian and poodles mainly. Up until recently I had never known an owner to have success, until a long long time client has seen a remarkable turn around..

they too had spend many thousands and were at their wits end. Their champion ex show Pom went from a magnificent coat to virtually bald on the whole body.  

I don’t want to identify the client here so if it’s ok I will send you a message through the forum here and I can give you more insight into what has seemingly been a miracle for this little dog! 

I will say for others reading this, the product line that has seen success is called DERMagic. 


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Has the vet done a thyroid check?They most probably have, but am mentioning it just in case, as hypothyroidism is a really common cause of alopecia. It is very easily treated if that is the case.

Some dietary additives that may help if it is a thyroid issue are kelp (for the iodine) together with Vitamin E to help access the iodine and zinc supplements.

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