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Thanks @Sagittarian.  Both the dogs on whom I was trying it are overweight.  As I said in a previous post, the weight loss was going well until I started using RHV and had to feed them too much because they did not like the taste.  I am now trying 4cyte and that is comprised of just tiny little balls which the dogs will eat.  


Sadly, I saw absolutely no improvement over the nearly four months I had the dogs on the RHV.  





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It does seem to depend quite a bit on the individual dog.  I'm using it prophylactically primarily along with a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM chew … have done for years .. and  (touch wood) my 10,5 year old Agility BC seems to be in good shape.  Not a fussy eater though.


I was talking with a friend yesterday who has been using RHCV for a year or more for her multi problem GSD who must be coming up towards 12 or maybe is 12.   She is absolutely happy with it, and how well her dog is doing on it compared with before .. his other food and meds regime is the same.   

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Bow Wow   

Best thing I have used for my Cavaliers. 

Lilly  8 yrs old had a sore back that would not go away. After a week on RHV I saw great improvement.  After two to three weeks she was back to her bouncy self. I put my other girl Georgea 10 yrs old on it as well she was running around like a puppy a week later. Have had them on it for 5 months now.

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