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Two Best Dogs!

Bull terrier puppy mill

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Re. the post first quoted by asal, it states that the "breeder" called the RSPCA for help as the fire situation was worsening and she knew she wouldn't be able to get the dogs out in time - does it then make sense that the RSPCA would lock the "breeder" in her house for FOURTEEN hours while fire danger got closer and closer?  I also can't understand why other owners would leave their dogs with this person - were they bull terriers too ( there were no other breeds evident)  and why didn't they take their dog with them when they evacuated?   The conditions the dogs were kept in and the whole setup were totally disgusting and didn't occur that day - that took a very long time.  Posts on facebook often don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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To me it looks like a hoarding or health issue rather than this being a case of a puppy mill or deliberate neglect. If this is the case I do hope that the owner gets the help they need. People that do not love their dog don't go to shows and spend money on importing etc. So I feel like compassion should be our number one emotion. 


As a group of dedicated breed and dog enthusiasts we do need to look out for each other. Had this breeder been able to reach out for help, or have help find her earlier then the RSPCA wouldn't have needed to be involved. But as it is I think action did need to be taken for these dogs to receive appropriate care. 


The only issue that I have with the RSPCA is that they have let their own emotions get in the way when they have been posting. I would have liked to see more information on where people who have excessive numbers of pets can find help and advice on how to notice and support people who are facing these types of problems. 

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