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Bull terrier puppy mill

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Sorry, Asal, but you have defended the breeder all through this thread. Whatever happened between you and the RSPCA, or any other issue with the RSPCA, is not the point. This particular breeder was keeping dogs in disgusting conditions and the RSPCA (rightfully) removed those dogs from her care. That was the appropriate course of action and whatever any of us think of the RSPCA, nothing changes those facts. 

And to be clear here, no one is asking or expecting you to just "get over it". I've suggested that you seek some professional help to deal with the trauma of what you went through, because it is clear to me that you have suffered greatly.

Having said that, you do need to consider that just because one organisation did the wrong thing by you, that does not mean that every welfare cause/organisation/group is unjust and/or corrupt. To give you an example of this, based on some of our previous discussions.. that the RSPCA sticking their snout into the greyhound issue does not somehow mean that greyhound racing is without major fault. Your coloured views lead you to believe that everything claimed by the RSPCA was a lie, even when people experienced in the industry were telling you otherwise. Your bias has become so heavy, that it prevents you seeing the facts. And this is what frustrates me- even when confronted with photos of dogs in revolting conditions, you were blinded by your own extreme bias against the RSPCA.


As for the story you provided above.. I absolutely agree that the RSPCA should act, but in this case, as with any other, the RSPCA is not the CAUSE of the animals being in those situations to start with. It's very concerning that they haven't stepped in, even more so because it is obvious that there must be some major mental health issues going on, but their failure to act is a separate matter to the actions of the breeder discussed in this thread. The breeders actions cannot be justified by "Oh, but look at what the RSPCA does" because that's just not a defense. 

And it has nothing to do with the breeder's behaviour to start with.

Perhaps what we should be asking, is why nobody associated with the breeder sought help for her, before things got to this point. As Thistle asked, how can a person have one hundred dogs registered with Dogs QLD and this raises no flags, and garners zero attention. Why have Dogs QLD not stepped forward to condemn the actions of this breeder, to revoke her registration? They could have taken a strong position but instead.. nothing. Perhaps other breeders should be more concerned about the fact that their governing body was not only complicit in this situation, but they have failed to protect their other members from the fallout of all this, by not condemning the breeder outright. 

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Left to right..........Lace, (stringy's sister)  Dancer, Stringy



So you can finally see the infamous Stringy.


And yes neither I or the photographer had noticed Dancer needed her eye wiped before he took the photo.  Note the year, the photos were taken in 2001  (click on the photos and they come up huge so you can pick them to pieces if you like. as to why he should have been taken.)





 Bindi.  and her puppies.





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