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Early Neutering

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I think this is a cruel practice and should not be allowed. I noticed last time I registered my dogs at the council, a man was registering his puppy and  the council charged him the high fee for undesexed dogs for puppies even at under three months.

I  also know of at least one breeder of my dogs breed that desexes puppies before they go to their new homes.


I just think it is totally cruel, wrong and unnecessary to do this to a baby who has enough to cope with having vaccinations and microchipping ( I wish microchipping was done later too).

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Well people seem to think its cruel BUT when the puppy farm bills went out for public opinions most of joe public supported spaying ,early spaying will be a result of many of those bills & people thinking it wont affect them ,welcome to "be careful what you wish for" .Its not a puppy farm bill its a "All breeder bill"
Breeders with ANKC are fighting for this kind of issue to not happen but look at SA new puppy rules .

Hmm as to the Australian Ladradoodle breeders that where proven with issues ,i dare say they know breed Cobberdogs

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