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How PetRescue made $360,000 from a fundraiser (featuring a pet that got $0)


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7 hours ago, tdierikx said:

For all groups with a donate button, we will be implementing a pop-up on your pet listings. This pop-up calls on website visitors to make a donation direct to your group via the love-coloured magenta donation button on your pet listing, to help cover the costs of desexing, vet work and general care.

If anyone signs up for a new platform allowing PetRescue to process your group's donors, for the purpose of a week-long campaign of PetRescue self-championing their contribution to the rescue economy... then you're a chump.

They truly seem to think rescue groups are that stupid.

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I'm thinking that there will definitely be a background process that will capture pertinent info on those people who actually do donate... then PR will spam them regularly for their own "fundraising" efforts... nothing like a sure thing donor... grrr!


And why only run the direct donation thing for only one week? Rescues have continuous financial needs after all...



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