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Petition to stop further air shooting of brumbies from helicoptors

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I hope this link works,


the world was horrified when australia allowed the mass shootings of the Guy Fawkes brumbies.


It was promised would never happen again.


now they have just decimated the Singleton welsh brumbies from the air...... if you gut, rump, neck shot any animial from above you would be in court..... but no animal welfare is doing or saying anything let alone charging them with aggravated cruelty?




we had 22,000 dog owners scream blue murder when our Minister for Agriculture   tried to slip through changes to the POCTA in December 2017 which would if the minister had signed it... you couldn't have even given  away a baby mouse without having "to hold  at least a Certificate II in Animal Studies and Comply with ongoing training including those who assist in feeding/watering etc?" If he had sneaked his signature to the "amendment"  none of them can be trusted.....


Yet parliament closed without even discussing let alone approving this mass slaughter......it was done now during the break in parliament.  The excuse was unexploded bombs made it too dangerous to muster or shoot them from the ground....yet the locals watched them drive in the trucks and drag out the bodies and no vehicle's blew up?


next target are  the snowy mountain brumbies , many of our kids at pony club have snowy mountain brumbies,.  my vet has two snowy mountain brumbies, rescues from the mob they sent to the dogger sales... they make great kids mounts. 


I hope this link works...





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Thank you asal for posting this, I totally agree with all you have said.


Not only is it inhumane but seems to be the PRACTICE of our governments as they have sneakily done it before.


I remember while Australia and the world were cheering the opening of the Sydney Olympics when all the horses entered the arena, in Guy Fawkes national park the brumbies were being slaughtered by aerial shooting leaving many maimed dying a horrific slow death. It is a national shame and should not be allowed to go on EVER!

Please people sign this.

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