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Stage 3 Renal Failure

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Fingers crossed for her.  I hate feeding the kibble as well as I am a raw food feeder.  My 2 Giants have mainly raw food, sardines etc.


However the kibble & cooked chicken & veggies is working really well for the BRT.  He has been on hold since he was diagnosed about 2 years ago.


He had his last checkup December last year & creatine, blood pressure etc remained unchanged.

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Bindi's test have come back good.  No change in her urine & the blood test showed that her kidneys are coping with the food she is on.  Which means I can continue to give her the turkey neck, a sardine a day & the not to often egg.  She has put on weight tho, so I have cut back the quantities.  The vet put her on Propalin 0.6ml twice a day for her incontinence, but I need to cut back the dose a bit as she has been "tripping out" on it 

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