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Rehome - Cocker Spaniel (4.5 yrs Golden male) (SYDNEY)

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This gorgeous boy is in need of a new home.  He is desexed, vaccinated, housetrained and well behaved.  Good with other dogs, he has good recall and loves the water and playing ball in the park.  He's used to living indoors and the owners have tried to rehome him themselves without any luck so I've been approached for help.


He does have some anxiety and is on medication which would be provided, in the right home (with no children), he should eventually have meds reduced and hopefully come off the medication altogether in time, in the right environment.



The Anxiety Disorder which was diagnosed around 18 months of age whilst he was in doggy day care which gave local school children access like a petting zoo which in my opinion is really unacceptable.


He was fine before but then developed anxious behaviour when children come close to give him attention or try to pat him, sometimes barking and growling and his owners believe he must have been hurt by one or more of the children at the daycare place.  He became progressively more reactive around children over time, although with a lot of work over the last 2 years in the way of counter conditioning and medication there has been good improvement however he doesn't react well to children in uniform and gets scared by any children in his proximity.


His owner has a toddler and is due to have another baby soon and until now been able to keep him away from children whilst outside, he's walked on a tight lead and children are carefully avoided.


He would be OK with older teenagers, say 13+, who don't seem to worry him.  He has received treatment from an Animal Behaviouralist since he was about 18 months old. This has involved behavioural interventions and prescription medication (ongoing). He is under the care of Sydney Animal Behavioural Service (SABS) in Seaforth - Dr Kersti Seksel and Dr Grace Thurtell. Their hope is that in a quieter environment away from children they will be able to significantly reduce his meds.


Based on their advice, the ideal new home would be:


1  No children in the house or visiting children (teenagers seem to be ok)

2. Well away from schools

3. Ideally semi-rural area or quiet residential area, not high-density residential area due to his anxiety. Acreage out of the city would be ideal.

5. Fully fenced garden

6. Prepared to maintain a medication regime as prescribed by SABS who will review him after 3 months post placement. If behaviour is stable and he is settling well into his new home then SABS hope to reduce his medication gradually over time (please note that pet insurance will not cover this existing condition).



His behaviouralists are happy to answer questions - please message me in the first instance if you are interested in  this boy or have any questions.  He has been truly loved by his owners who have done their absolute best.  There were no issues until the daycare event(s) that seemed to be the root cause of the change and nervousness of being hurt by kids.



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what a very sad situation, poor owners.

And what a shame the stupid daycare allowed it.

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