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A new girl at Myrtle Street: update 13 months on

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sooty had her final xrays today and the orthopaedic surgeon is totally satisfied with the results of the surgery.  I am overjoyed and a bit numb too as I have been on tenterhooks for so long now worrying that her years of neglect and deprivation would mitigate against full healing.  She is a feisty and determined little dog who has overcome her obstacles so well.  Just brilliant.   

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Sooty (and a few other dogs) are going to be TV stars.  They will be part of The Bachelorette program.  I’m not sure when it will be going to air, but the filming is tomorrow.  Sooty is taking it all in her stride of course but her hooman is very very excited for her.  Off to the grooming parlour today.  :cheer::cheer:

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When I saw a letter from the council in the mail, I thought it was just a rate notice reminder and left it lying on the table.  Just opened it to find it was Sooty’s Certificate of Registration ............   TO ME !!!!


She is now officially a Moocher.   Sooooo happy and relieved.  


Her date of birth is stated to be 1 June 2006 and date of implantation of microchip 26 July 2006, so at 8 weeks of age.  Does that suggest she would have been with a registered breeder?  

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Sooty finally had an operation on her left eye (right had already been removed before I met her) to remove the cataract on January 15. Unfortunately the capsule that holds the lens was too unstable to insert an artificial one.  The ophthalmologist had pretty well confirmed this before we went ahead with the surgery but he was confident that her retina was in good enough shape to give her fairly good vision.  

Sadly, I can’t see any improvement at all, but the surgeon continues to disagree with me.  After the third follow up, he finally conceded that, “It is not as good as I had hoped, but it is not as bad as you think.”  Because she responds to his fingers flicking in front of her eye, he insists she has some sight and because she makes her way around his surgery with few if any bumps, he says this proves it.  

The thing is she has always been confident moving around, she had the layout of my house down pat in a few days and was even going in and out of the doggy door.  

So, I am gutted for her, really.  She is so bright, game and loving that I just wanted the best we could do for her.  

A bit of a downside: she has become really aggressive towards Mezza.  Poor little boy does not have a mean bone in his body and Sooty will stand over him growling and eventually attack - she literally jumps on him, straddling him while he is just lying there.  He does not retaliate, just tries to get away.  Obviously, I break it up the second I see it and will rouse at her when I hear her growling and take her to a bed in another room.  (Just to be clear, I don’t shut her away; she is free to come out again when she pleases....  it is simply to give them time out.)


Unfortunately, she has started to do the same to Tamar and Tamar is not Mezza - she fights back.  Now none of them is strong enough to do any damage (except to sow seeds of discontent) but I am really concerned Sooty will damage her leg.  The operation to repair it was delicate, hugely expensive and took a long time to heal.  If it reoccurs, I don’t think it could be repaired again.  

Never a dull moment at Mooch City.  



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  • 4 months later...

After many many months of not taking the dogs out walking, I have finally got off my lazy a** and we have been having short and slow wanders up the street, increasing the distance gradually and having many stops for sniffies.  


Little Tamar is all over the place like a chook’s breakfast with her wobbly legs, but nothing stops her - she loves it.  


During today’s walk, Sooty seemed to be channelling spring lambs and I took a few videos which isn’t the easier thing to do while walking three little dogs, one blind and one whose back legs are almost useless.  However, this one was taken in my front garden after our walk.


50102972186_a045cbcfda_w.jpgIMG_1253 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr


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In case anyone is wondering about that cute little coat Sooty is wearing, it was made by our very own DOLer @yellowgirl.  


You can find all sorts of goodies for your loved ones at her online shop www.LeagueofLove.Org.   50% of the profits go to AWL SA.  


Another video here.  Note her little about turn spin.  Always makes me laugh.  

50106946306_3763e517c1_w.jpgFE055F78-B5FC-4F77-8ED0-AF1A9C874BE3 by Cynthia Waters, on Flickr

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