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Happi... my friend's newest addition

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VERRRYYYYYYY cute ....and with a lovely big sister . Love that the two names mean the same thing   :D

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Bonni was one of my fosters many moons ago... she's 8 now!


She's been so good with Happi... at first she had her nose out of joint and didn't want to have a bar of him... but now they play like there is no tomorrow.


Already, she's shown him how to use the doggy door, where al the water bowls are, and is slowly teaching him that he has to go outside to potty. He's such a smart little fellow too - he already knows how to sit and mostly waits until his dinner bowl is on the ground before starting to eat. He's cheeky though... when he is told not to do something, he will growl and bark in true stafford cheeky fashion... lol!


His mum lets him get away with some little naughty habits, but he's also worked out that Aunty T won't cop those, so he behaves nicely for me... *grin*


I'd forgotten how tiny they are when babies... but he's a confident and happy little boy, and Bonni is so good at knowing where he is, and only trod on him once early in the piece. Poor girl was so upset that she'd made him yelp...



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