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What is an EOI Beagle?

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Is it a working/field line Beagle?


If so, what does the acronym EOI stand for?


and does anyone have experience with them, and their breeding community?


(I'll be happy to just get an answer to my first question - what is an EOI Beagle)



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I think it just means expressions of interest are sought. Possibly being used to dodge regulations requiring breeder numbers or microchip numbers being included in ads, whichever the rule is in the relevant state. They can claim it isn’t a sale add, just looking for expressions of interest - just my cynical speculation, lol. 

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In Victoria, it is illegal (state law) to ask for expressions of interest for dogs and cats after a litter has been born. 
Any ad asking for expressions of interest due to a planned mating are allowed but MUST be removed as soon as the litter in born.
In other states they may be trying to avoid legal requirements for Breeder Identification Number or similar.

Be warned, if pups are born then this breeder is dodgy. (editd to say that whether they are dodgy or not actually depends on their state).

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