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Genetic bloodline testing

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Hi I'm new here and as a registered breeder I can't see how to register for the breeder's restricted access forum: however I need some specialist input here: subject Golden Retriever Bloodlines. We were sold a male pup, whose dad was purported to be from a particular breeder. Turns out the daddy owner wasn't being truthful- big intake of breath- and yes my bad, but I didn't have time to check properly. I thought 'no matter' I can have him genetically tested to ensure he doesn't have a particular bad bloodline we avoid. After speaking to several expert laboratories' chief scientists,  it seems, no, I they can't- they can do breeds, parentage, diseases, but not isolate a bloodline, (though they can in horses),  even given a pure sample of the bloodline we don't want. Apparently they can do what I need in the UK and States, because they have been required to 'bank' pedigree lines, but without several generations of data they can't help with an Aussie sample-does anybody have different knowledge? Pup is now 9 months old and we love him a lot but with  unknown possibility of bad bloodlines we couldn't breed him and obviously we don't want to return him. I don't want to hear from people as to what I should have done, or laboratories that do different testing: just any ideas on genetic testing to help me out with this problem, or a breeder that found genetic testing to help them with this. Thanks for help, I have tried everything, this is just a shot in the dark.

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The only thing I can possibly suggest would require you to have multiple samples of the "bad" bloodline from different dogs on hand, together with their relationship to each each other, so that you could then determine whether or not your boy has any relationship to most of those samples. I would hazard a guess that you don't have those samples, though.

I'm sorry this has happened to you. Now that you know his pedigree is not accurate, please report the whole thing to DogsWA and do not consider breeding with him.

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I am surprised they can do it in the US and UK. While there are DNA schemes for health screening in those countries there are no kennel control obligations to ‘bank pedigree lines’ that I am aware of except the requirement to DNA profile popular sires and imported dogs in the US. Perhaps it is a Golden Retriever thing. If the capacity did exist and that bloodline existed in those countries you’d just post them the Australian sample, plenty of us use overseas laboratories. 


I dont think there is any way to do it here. DNA parentage profiling is common but not what you want.


i just had a late thought- UC Davis in the US run a canine genetic diversity research project and Golden Retrivers are one of the breeds that have been assessed. I assume you know that if you are a Golden Retriever breeder.  But if not contacting them might be your best bet, at least they will know what is possible. I have sent them samples for my breed’s genetic survey and it is an easy process. They aim to indentify all genetic diversity within a breed worldwide to better inform breeding decisions, it requires 100-200 or more samples from different populations. 



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