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Help Socialising my Blue Heeler

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Hi there,


I have adopted a bue heeler, he is 4 months old now. 


This last walk to the park was complete disaster.


Off lead, we will lash onto any other dog he will see and gives them a nip on the ass.


I have tried and tried to tell him off, he submits everytime, but as soon as he is back on his feet, the nightmare continues.


I have this 15 year old staffy x red heeler and he has never been a pain like this one is ever.


I think I need guidance!!!


Any material, advice etc will be considered,


I'm thinking of buying one of these https://www.aetertek.com.au/ but then again, these devices I'm guessing must be used in a particular manner otherwise can make things even worse correct?



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Please don’t buy any training equipment without seeing a qualified professional, preferably one that is experienced with cattle dogs. 


What area are you in? Someone will be able to then recommend a professional that you can contact to help you. 


Keep your dog dog away from other dogs until you have a proper training plan in place as every opportunity the dog has to practice the behaviour can make it more challenging to resolve. 

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A training tool like you want to buy and use can be a total disaster if you do not understand WHY your dog is behaving this way ..and  it should NEVER be used on a puppy, anyhow. 
These types of tool require the dog owner to be taught how best to use them, and I repeat, should NEVER be used on a young puppy .
Both you & your pup would get great relief and guidance from an experienced professional  who will talk with you, check out what is happening, then provide instruction and support  :) 
Please avoid parks etc until you have someone professional to support you - each time there is an incident, puppy's brain is filing it away.
Just do nice walks in different areas, with sniff time, and  some different views/surfaces..and practice your obedience /tricks in the backyard . This way, you & pups bond and learn each others' ways  in a safer environment  :) 

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Blue heelers nip ;) It's a breed thing, although you can teach them some self control in time.


There are classes you can take, guided by trainers, that can teach you how to teach your puppy how to behave around others dogs, greet them etc. The benefit of extra eyes who might spot something going on you are not aware of, and can help you find suitable playmates for your puppy.


Not sure where you are in Victoria - I'm in Melbourne so here's a few places I've seen and am familiar with (all slightly different, so check out the websites to see if one appeals more):






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Heelers are bred to nip, they are also not always tolerant of other dogs and can be wary of people too. Mine took alot of work when he was young.

Keep him away from dog parks until you get a trainer who knows the breed .

I'm rather concerned when you say he " submitted" to you after, please tell me you don't alpha roll.

You have a breed bred to work , do do a particular job and you are expecting it to behave like a breed that goes to the dog park and loves everyone, not going to happen.


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