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Anyone has a dog allergic to vaccination?

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36 minutes ago, asal said:

all mine that died were vaccinated with protech c3.


when I rang and asked what was going on, never lost any before, the reply was new improved formula.


so now I check with the vet first and refuse to let them use any but canvac c3



Just curious what year did that happen to you.

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Cant remember the first year but 15 years later a young locum gave my puppies full dose protech c3 despite what I did ask for.


three were dead before I was back home and the last pup died shortly after. his excuse to his boss was if the pups could not tolerate the recommended dose they were better culled from the breed.  He was fired, but that didn't bring  back any of the lost puppies and they were their mums last litter.   all her previous pups had been male. so end of her maternal line thanks to an incredibly egotistical ignorant prat


I asked him what would he do to all the murry grey cattle and the dog breeds susceptible to ivermectin?

his reply. He would dose them all and then only continue the breeds with the survivors...


would save having to dna test but I well remember before it was known ivermectin could kill susceptible animals , one farmer woke to find over half their murray greys had died overnight. very expensive cull

But then it would not have been that vets loss.

not even his boss who fired him offered me back the money I was charged for the injections that killed my puppies. I did not take them to be euthanised



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