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My teenage Pom chews rocks


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you everyone for your helpful advice.  You'll be pleased to know that in the last fortnight she's just about given up putting rocks in her mouth.  Persephone suggested we buy a clam sandpit and we'll definitely get one of those so she can also use it for cooling off in next summer.


Just to finish this thread on a very happy note, Ruby has become a star in our estate. Her idea of a walk isn't the exercise, it's to say hello to everyone.  As soon as she sees someone, man, woman or child, even if they're 4 or 5 houses away or on the opposite side of the street, she stands up on her back legs and jumps all the way to meet them. People will even stop their cars and wind down the window to call out and say "Hi there Ruby", ask to take photos of her, ask if we can wait while they go inside and ask their wife to come and see her (which one lady did and she was still in her dressing gown), and workmen have downed tools and stood there with their mouths open while she does her little act.  One lady calls her "the little circus dog".  It's just incredible, and everyone absolutely loves her.  So yes, she's a star, but luckily for us, not a rock star. :)


Thanks again for everything.

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